Active Rehabilitation


Rehabilitate with individualised programming that allows our athletes to not only return to sport and/or work, but return in optimal condition to excel.

Through liaising with your Physiotherapist or Health Care Professional, we provide supervised and best practice Rehabilitation services to our clients. Our "Active" approach towards rehabilitation integrates Strength and Conditioning Principles into your Rehabilitation Programs.

We take this approach as we believe in returning individuals to sport or work Stronger, Faster and more Powerful than prior to injury, which requires more than just body weight and core exercises.

Whether you're and avid athlete or just an everyday joe, If you suffer from any of the following, our service is for you:

  • Chronic Injuries; (Lower Back Pain, Pelvic Pain, Shoulder Pain etc.)
  • Acute Injuries: (Thigh Strains, Ankle/Knee Sprains)
  • Long Term Injuries: (ACL and Knee, Shoulder)
  • Previous Injuries that haven't been properly Rehabilitated

Increasing Ankle Dorsi Flexion

Why you must improve Dorsi Flexion and mobility through your ankle!

🏋🏻‍  Improve Squatting mechanics/movement efficiency correlating to increased strength and power production

⛹🏿‍ Enhance running technique by reducing restricted movement factors

👨🏾‍🔬 Reduce likelihood of injury (Hamstring, Calf, Tibialis Anterior & Achilles Tendon)

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