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We provide individuals with the Opportunity to Phenomenally Enhance their Athletic Attributes, Return to Life, Work and Sport safely, all whilst instilling confidence and self sufficiency in and out of the Gym.

We aim to bridge the gap between Dietetics, Clinical Physiotherapy Practice, Exercise Science and Strength and Conditioning; Taking a Holistic approach towards Performance and Rehabilitation. 

We have a Proud and Dedicated Team of Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Physiotherapists, Exercise Scientists and an Accredited Dietician that through the incorporation of Training Principles along with Physiotherapy Consultation, and years of experience delivers a package unlike any other Gym. We live and breathe Performance and are here for your Wins, some of your losses but most importantly we are here to guide you to success through Endeavour and Work-rate.



Michael Culliver



  • Level 1 ASCA
  • B. ExSc (Human Movement)
  • M. HpS (High Performance Sport)

My journey began as a uni student playing sports, and I've now developed into someone that's passionate about sports performance and in particular rehabilitation.  I've been lucky enough to work with some State Academies such as AFL Vic Metro & Netball Vic, as well as spending a year at Coburg VFL during my undergrad studies.   During my Masters (High Performance Sport) studies I held an Assistant Athlete Development Officer role at Lakeview Senior College; where a passion for Youth Athletic Development arose. I find working with emerging Youth talent extremely rewarding.

James Foord



  • Level 2 ASCA
  • B. ExSc (Clinical)

I've been involved within the High Performance Sport environment for the best part of the decade. I've had the privilege to work alongside Athletes and Coaches at State and National Netball, Football and Basketball Programs, as well as Dancers. Most recently I have been involved with the the AFL Women's space with the North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroos (AFLW) as well as being the High Performance Manager of the Calder Cannons Football Club.

My Philosophy on training is to "build the frame before you build the house", looking for movement competency and fostering a growth mindset.

Justin Sanseviero



  • Level 1 ASCA
  • Accredited ESSA Ex. Scientist
  • B. ExSc (Clinical)
  • M. ExSc (S&C) 

My career in S&C has only just started but here is what I have been up to. I am currently a Level 1 ASCA coach and pushing towards a Level 2 with the completion of my Master’s in

Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning). During the 2018 season I worked as the assistant S&C coach for the Werribee VFL Football Club.  I began working with Melbourne Athletic in June 2018 and have loved developing my knowledge via working with both performance and injury rehabilitation clients. In the 2019 season I have been working for the Western Jets Football Club as their u18 rehabilitation coach. 

Over this short time frame I have based working with my injury rehab clients around a simple philosophy. 

“The process is more important than the product”

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