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Client Stories

Dani S - Melbourne University Netball (VNL)


James played an important role within my training and the success I have achieved this year. James was able to develop a strength and conditioning program specifically for me. He was able to amend the program depending on the progress of my netball throughout the year. I had a different program from pre-season (building strength) as opposed to in-season (maintaining strength) and then when I had a minor upset with a calf injury James altered the program so I was still able to attend strength sessions and continue to improve my fitness. 

I have had a very successful year, winning the VNL championship grand final as well as most valuable player within the grand final game.  I was named in the all stars team of the year and was named in the top three most valuable players for the league. These achievements has a lot to do with the program I have completed over the year with James as I have been able to get the best out of myself through building my strength and conditioning.

Michael Lewis - Sandringham Dragons u/16's (TAC CUP)


At first I was a little unsure (about the rehabilitation sessions) as I had been receiving treatment for stress fractures in my lower back since Jul 2016 and was struggling to play footy or attend the Sandringham Dragons Development sessions. I told Michael about my back issues and together we worked on a rehabilitation program to strengthen my lower back, my core strength and to gain confidence back in my body so that I could get back into my footy.

Michael was understanding and articulated the goal we had for my injury and how he was going to strengthen my back and other aspects of my body. I felt comfortable with what Michael was teaching me and began to get my confidence back. Once Michael had me moving with confidence he started to teach me other things like upper body strength, core strength, running technique and how to condition my body for the season and the future rigors of TAC football should I be successful.

So far in the early part of the 2017  season I have been able to represent both my club and school as well as Interleague in Football, with the Sandringham Dragons Development program also on the radar after the Representative program is completed. I have continued to work with Michael in the School holidays through his program as I have faith in what he is teaching me to gain strength and conditioning to help me achieve my goals in developing my Football.

Andrea Booth - Former AIS, VIS, Melbourne Kestrels & Phoenix. Current National Netball Umpire


Last year I had a bad run of injuries that interrupted my season and stopped me from achieving my goals. At the end of preseason I had Achilles Tendonitis and during the season I tore both Left and Right calves, and my right hamstrings all in separate instances. I needed a different approach to my physical preparation.

This year I have worked with Michael during the preseason and into the 1st half of 2017. I have been able to umpire two games a weekend for the 8 weeks of the Australian Netball League Season and am now umpiring the Victorian Netball League season.  I feel physically strong and able to meet the demands of my umpiring. 

Thanks Michael for your guidance and support.