Strength Training for Runners

Strength Training for Runners

Want to improve your running performance?

Strength Training for runners

The common regime for the recreational runner is quite simple, get out and run with a gradual increase in volume over time. Running is a task that can often leave you injured through its highly repetitive nature. Strength training can help reduce the likelihood of injury by making your muscles more compliant through your running technique and developing greater force absorption. For the time poor person, a run would seem like the ideal regime to commit to. In reality, however, for goals like increased sports performance, weight loss (body fat % loss) and to drop time in a specific event or race it may not be your best option.

Strength training has been proven to improve running efficiency. This is due to neurological adaptations which can include increased motor unit recruitment and firing rate. It has also been shown to increase the time it takes to reach exhaustion levels. How good is that? All this has been proven to have an impact in as little as 12 weeks.

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Introducing a strength program is quite simple. You can learn some basics in this document inclusive of a squat and hinge pattern into your program. Some unilateral (Single leg) movements and some glute and core work, and away you go. To maximise your performance try sticking to your Run 2-3 days a week and strength train 2 days per week to begin with, and build from there. 

It would also be important to take note of your recovery practices to minimise risk of injury, see here: Practical Recovery Modalities

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