5 Tools every athlete should own

5 Tools every athlete should own

Every athlete needs a few key peices of equipment to help them stay fit, strong and injury free. Here are a few quick examples.

  1. Foam Roller/Massage Balls – Self massage is a huge component of a warm up and your cool downs and can also be used intermittently throughout the day
  2. Resistance Bands – Bands can be used for a variety for reasons, stretching, muscle activation or even for small workouts on the go or when you cannot make it into the gym (travelling)
  3. Gym membership – Stating the obvious! in the absence of a gym membership some dumbbells at home will do just fine for most cases.
  4. Quality Runners/sneakers – not only for the health of your joints, but also comfort.
  5. Training Diary/Smartphone – A diary can keep you on top of your training as well as your load monitoring, this way we know where to progress or regress and we can also plan for upcoming big events/games. Obviously a smartphone has exponential benefits over a notebook, this includes step tracking, the ability to upload and film your workouts for review, track your dietary intake  and much more.

If you want some ideas on what to do with your resistance bands or some guidance for the best apps to use in collaboration with your training email us here!


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